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It’s about the full experience. From single page designs, full program experience flow, mobile device integration, or content marketing programs, the experience we create determines if we build a relationship with our audience or if we just pass in the night. I’ve worked in every stage of the user experience, from copywriting and design to content and product marketing. I understand how all the pieces connect, and what it takes to assemble them together at the right time. From initial concepts to development and promotion, I create experiences that nurture relationships.

my work

Digital Folio

As the Creative Director for Digital Folio, my task is creating a consistent, intuitive, and magical comparison shopping experience for a user across a website, browser sidebar application for IE and Firefox, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, and Android app. Add in the company communications and promotion through traditional, social, and emerging media, and keeping track of goals and deliverables across local and remote teams, and you’ve got an idea of what fills my days. With a great launch at CES and an even better write up in the Wall Street Journal, it looks like we are on target.


No, seriously, Animal House is just a movie. Uconsiderthis.org is a binge drinking prevention program for freshman college students. To create the site, I worked with research and creative staff in Denver, UNM, and CSU. I started on the project in November of 2004 concepting and writing spec docs for eventual activities. Soon I was casting actors, managing content creation, writing scripts, and directing video shoots. It is still running and is expanding into commercial release.


Sometimes good service has to be no service. WayToServe.org is an alcohol server training program for the restaurant and hospitality industry. On this project I managed the workflow between researchers and consultants here in Denver, Albuquerque, NM, Berkeley, CA, and Toronto, Canada. Over 100 videos, multiple levels of user access, and many interactive modules about serving alcohol made this project a load of fun.

With 25 different activities focusing on unique topics, a big challenge was to create user interface elements that were consistent, easy to learn, and specific to the needs of each activity.

Klein Buendel

When KB first started, we were a very unique entity that many of our colleagues couldn’t quite understand, and worse yet, weren’t ready to work with. Were we an ad agency? Were we a research group? Who are these strangers, and what is this craft they drive? Over my 8 years there, I designed many pieces to break down that barrier, showing our strengths and how we could all work together, and opening many doors in an academic market that is very skeptical of collateral pieces.


Klein Buendel Learn Mailer
This piece focused on connecting a researcher to the importance of a good presentation. All the factual information in the world doesn’t mean a thing if nobody gives it a second glance. I encouraged second, third, and fourth glances with this piece that gave the user something to play with, building and refining messages along the way.


Company Site ’02

Klein Buendel Site
The KB corporate site needed to combine a modern graphic style while emphasizing the traditional education environment. We wanted to appeal to a tech savvy audience as well as the academic audience we worked with. I designed, programmed, wrote, and built the site, as well as writing and distributing all press releases from the company. Take a look >>



Klein Buendel Bridge Poster
It was always the same question. What does Klein Buendel *do*? It’s not easy to explain the strengths of a health research group working directly with a creative group, so I developed this campaign to clarify things. It is great to see understanding dawn on a person’s face. At KB, we bridged the gaps to a user’s understanding, and we did it very well.


Design & Create

Some projects are smaller, but no less important than those giant mega-sites. Here are a few highlights from the smaller side of things that won’t fit on Mom’s refrigerator door.

Solar Cell

Solar Cell Mobile Application

Solar Cell is a mobile application designed to calculate a user’s time to sunburn and Vitamin D production. By working with the standard user interactions and clear visual cues, I optimized the limited screen space to allow the user to focus on the output, not get hung up learning how to use the application. Technology shouldn’t get in the way of the information you want.


Energy Balance Intro

Energy Balance Characters

Introducing characters, concepts, and content in a simple intro movie takes a lot of planning and leveraging of conceptual clues, without falling into the trap of stereotypes. This project never was produced, but it was so fun to write the script and design the characters, I keep it around. I still hold out hope that maybe one fine day, they will get reborn again. Download the script


Bullwhackers Poker Invite

Bullwhackers Poker Invitation

With the biggest charity poker tournament in Colorado, the most challenging task is to get local celebrities comfortable enough to play in public. This invitation puts you right in the game, holding all the cards, and having fun in the name of charity. It worked. We were able to expand the tournament and raise even more money than the previous year. I even illustrated the company mascot Lucky as the dealer.


K151 Twin Fan

K151 Twin Fan

Far in the future, there will be a pristine museum filled with found artifacts from the various centuries lost to time. They will not have a clue of what they are looking at, and will either call it a religious object or a household appliance. This one became an appliance. I did all modeling, texturing, and lighting on this one. I even own the real projector. I love this style of industrial design for household objects. I can bring it in if you want.


Bullwhackers’ Bullpen Commercial

For the opening of the Bullpen, the newest addition to the Bullwhackers Casino family, I developed this commercial featuring the mascot Lucky. I came up with concept, made the storyboards, and oversaw the production of the piece with a Boulder animation house. It was great to bring our mascot Lucky to life and let him show his natural athletic talent. Now that he’s in retirement, I’d like to think I was able to give him a youth he can reflect on with fondness.


Portfolio ’09

My Underground Portfolio

Admittedly, I am fascinated by London’s Underground system and the map that describes it. So with a portfolio containing many different intersecting topics, it made the perfect fit. They say there are no new ideas, only rehashes of old ones. I totally disagree, but I’ll use it to rationalize my Underground obsession this time. “They” should really get out more and stop being so lazy. Take a look

  • Digital Folio

    Digital Folio

  • UconsiderThis


  • WayToServe


  • Klein Buendel

    Klein Buendel

  • Design & Create

    Design & Create


Here’s a general rundown, but look at specific details in the History section.

  • User Experience and User Interface Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Marketing Planning, Coordination, Tracking
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Department Management
  • Social Media Planning and Tracking
  • Video Development and Production
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Copywriting and Editing
  • Game Design
  • Photography and Photo Direction

This is the software I know very well.
I use others, but these most often.

  • Adobe Creative Suite – Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Fireworks
  • Wireframing and Flowcharts – OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, Inspiration
  • MS Office – Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Notebook
  • Cinema 4D
  • Final Cut Studio
  • Visual Studio
  • Salesforce
  • Radian6
  • Unity
  • WordPress
  • Audacity
  • GarageBand
  • Flash Media Server
  • Agile Project Management – Jira, AgileZen


Heller Consulting

Director of Marketing – 2012 – Present

Digital Folio, Inc.

Creative Director – 2010 – 2012

  • Responsible for the branding, image, user experience, design, and development of DigitalFolio.com,
    a retail shopping tool integrated across browsers, mobile devices, and in-store Microsoft Surface units through cloud-based databases
  • Develop PR and Social Media plan and campaign for customer acquisition
  • Manage in-house and consultant teams to deliver product within deadlines
  • Work directly with internal and external clients to define and achieve product goals and timelines

Front Range Community College

Game Design Instructor, Department Advisor – Fall 2008 – Present

  • Plan and teach Game Design 1 class
  • Assist IT department in the planning and implementation of a 3D render farm used by the Multimedia & Graphic Design Department
  • Serve on the Multimedia & Graphic Design Advisory Board guiding the department on future directions

Klein Buendel

Interim Multimedia Director, Multimedia Designer – 2002 to 2010

  • Conceive, communicate, and develop original concepts and designs
  • Manage several multiphase projects, coordinating staff, consultants, and vendors to achieve goals and timelines
  • Work directly with clients and consultants on the development and production of multiple health education campaigns including print, web, and video components
  • Design and develop branding, user interfaces and user experiences for desktop, kiosk, television and mobile devices
  • Develop templated processes to assist research teams in the creation and delivery of content in print and web-ready formats
  • Write and maintain detailed specifications documents to lead project development, including wireframes, site maps, flow charts and prototypes
  • Plan and coordinate the production of multiple projects across the print, web, research, and programming teams
  • Create video productions from storyboards and casting through final edit
  • Create 3D animations and assets for video, interactive, and print pieces
  • Design web based training and education sites using HTML, CSS, and Flash technologies
  • Design and program interactive Flash activities and mini games incorporating tailored content and video assets
  • Plan and art direct model and product photo shoots
  • Plan and execute usability testing for web sites and applications
  • Copywriting for company press releases, video scripts, and project activities
  • Direct and record voice talent – Served as engineer, director, and talent at times
  • Research and recommend new technologies and plan for integration into established workflow

Bullwhackers Casinos

Art Manager – 2001 to 2002, Graphic Designer – 1997 to 1999

  • Coordinated with marketing manager to develop casino brand, image, and style as well as promotional and advertising campaigns to maximize revenue
  • Designed all print, video, direct mail, and on-site signage and promotional displays for all casino, restaurant, and employee communication programs
  • Art directed all promotional photography incorporating professional models, in-house staff, and product shots
  • Handled all print buying and vendor relationship management for marketing materials
  • Wrote all copy for all advertising and communication programs
  • Created an in-house communication program to keep staff informed of current and upcoming promotions and events
  • Negotiated with talent agencies and vendors to plan on-site promotional events
  • Storyboarded and oversaw production of animated television commercials with outside animation company


Graphic Designer – 1999 to 2001

  • Designed sales training and incentive programs for a nation-wide sales force with print, web, on-site displays, and video components
  • Assisted in the planning and execution of national sales team rewards events
  • Supported national advertising campaigns with region-specific in-house campaigns and promotions
  • Handled print buying for the Special Markets Division

There are more if you want to see them. I’ve been doing this for a bit.


Getting in touch with me is as simple as falling off a horse, if you have a horse. If you don’t have a horse, it’s as simple as falling off of something else that is mildly tall and has some sort of tricky stability issue. Not too tall, though. Come to think of it, just use the information below.

Bryan Giese
720 675 9991